Officials: vandal hits homes, businesses with spray paint in York County

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JACOBUS, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Police in York County are investigating a string of vandalisms.

The Mayor of Jacobus says a vandal hit a number of houses and businesses in the borough with spray paint.

Some neighbors say it’s the most crime they’ve ever had in the borough.

“Don’t take this out of context, but this is a crime wave for Jacobus," said Mayor Greg Gruendler of Jacobus.

“The first time, it had some colorful language on it. The second time it had a penis drawn on it," said Kevin Hoke, a victim.

Stephanie Hoke sends us photos of the damage.

The Hokes say the vandal hit them not once but twice.

"It pisses me off. It really does. I’ve told this story 8,9 times, and I’m still as mad as the first time I've told it," said Kevin Hoke of Jacobus.

Hoke shows us where the person damaged his green house.

"You can see the white speckles here. All this here is where I’ve scraped off," he explained.

Since, Hoke has painted over vulgar language and images. It's not exactly costing him much, but he says that’s not the point.

“It’s the fact that it’s somebody’s property, you know? People work hard for their money," he explained. "They hit my building. They hit a parked car up the street. They hit another building.”

The vandal also hit a local furniture store and lawnmower shop, where surveillance cameras captured someone in the act.

“I don’t understand- do your parents not love you enough? Do your parents not discipline you enough?” questioned Hoke.

The mayor says neighbors shouldn't take matters into their own hands.

"We don’t want people chasing people down the alley with a piece of lumber trying to extract revenge or chase them away or anything," added Mayor Gruendler.  "Get some pictures when you see something happening, anybody that’s involved, get pictures, and call police right away."

Hoke has his own message.

“It’s not even good spray paint, like if you came up here and sprayed a big sun on here... you want to come, let me know," he said.

York Area Regional Police are looking into the vandalisms.

The mayor says they’re also investigating car thefts.

He says people should keep their car doors locked, even if parked in the driveway, and don't leave any valuables in sight.

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