HSFF 2018 week 11 Northeastern at Shippensburg highlights

SHIPPENSBURG, Franklin County, Pa. -- Northeastern visited Shippensburg on Friday night.

The 5-A first round game was defemsive one, partly due to the weather conditions.

In the third quarter, with the Greyhounds ahead 6-0, the Bobcats threatened to tie it up from the four yard line. But the Shippensburg defense held them out of the endzone, maintaining its slim lead for the moment.

On the next play, Northeastern's Zech Sanderson kept it himself and headed to the pylon. But Shippensburg forced a fumble that went out of bounds through the endzone, giving the ball back to the Greyhounds.

The defensive stop and just six points was all it took for Shippensburg to beat Northeastern on Friday night. The Greyhounds came away winners, 6-0.

Northeastern: 0

Shippensburg: 6

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