Millersville University in Lancaster County investigates hate speech on campus

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MILLERSVILLE, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- Campus police at Millersville University in Lancaster County are investigating multiple incidents involving hate speech.

Campus officials say in last week and a half they've received three separate reports of hate-driven writing and graffiti against the Jewish community and most recently racial slurs.

The first incident happened on October 23 when a university employee discovered graffiti displaying a swastika inside a campus library men's bathroom on the 8th floor.

"It`s really totally quiet a lot of people don`t come up sometimes people use the higher floors to use the restrooms and they want some privacy but other than that this floor is relatively quiet as a whole," said Jacob Mccorkel, student.

The second incident was reported November 2 in the men's bathroom in the campus dining hall.

"Considering that the Pittsburgh situation happened not too long ago, that`s kind of unnerving to me," said Junior Pierre, student.

The harsh words reading: "I hate Jews" prompting campus officials to take charge and send a warning in light of the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting which left 11 people dead.

"It just so goes against what Millersville stands for, we really stress inclusion  here on campus and when things like this happen, it just shakes us," said Janet Kacskos, spokesperson at Millersville University.

"People sometimes take this sort of thing as a joke but it`s not a laughing matter at all," said Sarah Madonna, student.

"It was kind of shocking because there`s really no kind of hate towards anybody that I have witnessed," said Ben Wise.

Moments after FOX43 left Millersville`s campus for this story, we were notified of a third incident.

School officials say they found racial slurs written in graffiti in the men`s bathroom at the Student Memorial Center.

The investigation is still ongoing.

Officials say they were able to get fingerprints and are reviewing security camera footage.

All incidents are being considered hate crimes and whoever is responsible could face criminal charges.


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