People question voting history record flyers mailed to them

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CARLISLE, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. - Some people in Central Pennsylvania are concerned with information about their voting history being sent to them and their neighbors. County Bureau of Elections have been fielding calls about the flyers and they say they are not sending them.

"These flyers apparently list their voting history on them and their neighbors voting history on them," said Bethany Salzarulo, Cumberland County Bureau of Elections Director of Elections and Voter Registration. "People aren't very happy about getting them."

It is recommended if you don't like the mail you're receiving to contact the organization sending the flyers. In this case, it's the Club for Growth, a conservative advocacy group.

Under voter registration law, the information the group is sending out on these flyers is public record and can be accessed by anyone.

"Well what's public would be name, address, political affiliation, also your voting history is public information as well," said Salzarulo. "What's not is obviously who you voted for. That is completely private and has nothing to do with your voter registration record."

This isn't the first time people have questioned information being sent to them about their voter registration history.

"In 2016, I remember getting phone calls about the same thing, the same type of flyers," said Salzarulo. "I'm not sure if it was the same people but it was the same thing."

Salzarulo says many people think the information was obtained in a sneaky or illegal way.

"Some people are surprised to know it is public information," said Salzarulo. "But it always has been and it's just the way the state law is."

Club for Growth says they are sending these flyers out to encourage everyone to vote and are using a scientifically proven method to do so.

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