Comic Store West takes part in “Extra Life” event with 25 hours of gaming

YORK, York County, Pa. -- A local comic store is taking part in a gaming fundraiser to help raise money for kids with cancer.

Comic Store West, in York County, is hosting their yearly "Extra Life" charity event this weekend.

"Extra Life" works with gamers all over the world to help support their local Children's Miracle Network Hospital.

Comic Store West is opening their doors for 25 hours straight to raise money for Johns Hopkins Children's Hospital.

We spoke with a part-owner of the comic shop to find out why and how the charity event was started.

"Seven years ago, my older daughter became ill and she was very ill and was at Johns Hopkins for about 6 months and they really helped her out and helped my family out," said Brian Waltersdorff, Co-owner of Comic Store West. "So, ever since then, we have been holding this event to help them out and have been growing every year. As of four o'clock today, we already surpassed last year, and so, like I said, we try to do more each year and we already surpassed last year and we are only five hours in."

Comic Store West is offering a full slate of games till tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock, as well as a game sale for those who want to come in and donate.

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