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Horse dies after running into stopped vehicle in Lancaster County


LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.– A horse died after striking a vehicle that was stopped in the roadway.

On November 4 around 3:00 p.m., a Chrysler PT Cruiser was driving south on Keneagy Hill Road in Paradise Township when a runaway horse appeared traveling south on the same road.

According to the crash report, the driver told police that the vehicle was stopped once the horse was in view, but the horse “reared up” and its hooves went onto the hood and windshield.

The horse died from its injuries.

Michael Lantz, the horse’s owner, told police that he was at a home south of the crash scene when he un-hitched one half of the harness off of the horse, leaving the other half to poke the horse in the ribs.

Lantz said this caused the horse to take off north on Keneagy Hill Road.