Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner says he’s feeling optimistic

WEST MANCHESTER TWP., York County -- Scott Wagner, Republican nominee for governor and York County native holding a midterm election watch party Tuesday at Wyndham Hotel in West Manchester Township.

This is Scott Wagner’s first time running for Pennsylvania state governor.

Wagner is a 63-year-old local business man who owns the York County-based company, ‘Penn Waste’.

"I'm feeling good, I'm optimistic, I believe we're going to win this, I know we're going to win this," said Scott Wagner, Republican Nominee for Governor.

Wagner has campaigned on trying to bring positive change to Pennsylvania.


-Reform our tax code and eliminate school property taxes

-Reinvent our education system by putting more money into the classroom

-Secure every school with an armed guard

-Roll back job-killing regulations

-Reverse democratic incumbent running mate Tom Wolf’s moratorium on the death penalty.

Tuesday morning, Wagner was up bright and early at York College to cast his vote.

Wagner has been working the polls across the state — his last stop in Philadelphia.

Tuesday morning Wagner was up bright and early at York College to cast his vote and was out all day  trying to get votes across the state— his last stop Tuesday afternoon is Philadelphia.
“The main message is we can do better in Pennsylvania and again we have so many great people, we have so many great opportunities, we have a great state its a beautiful state, but you need leadership and we don’t have leadership and we don’t have leadership, government is just Harrisburg has become so big it’s almost like the Wizard of Oz type setting and it’s real simple, people in Pennsylvania want to know that there’s someone in Harrisburg that’s going to work on their behalf and fight for them and be part of their lives and relate to them," added Wagner.

Later in the day, FOX43 spoke with Scott Wagner’s spokesperson regarding some of the controversial comments he’s made towards his running mate, democratic incumbent Tom Wolf  on social media.

While he did not directly address our questions he did say this:

“We need a business minded person in Harrisburg that’s made a living off of making tough decisions, off of making tough calls, and getting things done and that’s exactly what he’s going to do, he’s going to run Harrisburg like a business and that’s what the people of Pennsylvania want," said Andrew Romeo, Spokesperson for Wagner.

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