New and experienced voters head to the polls

Vans shuttling students from Dickinson College to and from the polls on Tuesday.

“With the way the political climate is now, it’s really important to get out and vote and make sure your voice is heard,” said Luke Jackson, a Dickinson College student.

For many, it was their first time at the polls ever.

“Really easy. Kind of just came in, clicked a couple buttons, walked right out, not much of a line. So really easy,” said Jackson.

But just up the street at another polling location, we ran into voters who have been casting ballots for decades.

“I have not missed an election since John F. Kennedy won the presidency,” said voter Michael Kline.

And others who say they vote when they feel there is a lot at stake.

“This is the most important election in many elections, I wouldn’t have missed voting today,” said Carol Lindsay.

Despite a heated political climate right now, some voters we spoke with say it comes down to one thing.

“If you were an eligible voter, you need to express your constitutional right, privilege as you have. If you don’t, somebody else will take your place. You want them to have your voice?" said Kline.

Some experienced voters tell us this year has shown them the importance of voting every year- presidential election or not.

And the new voters say they plan to follow in those footsteps.

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