Salon owner cleans up after storm in Hopewell Township

HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP, York County - The manager of Tres C Salon, Tracey Wise, found out about her business being damaged through social media.

"I was sitting at home and my phone dinged with a notification," said Wise. "When I went on it, it said that it was a building collapse on Barrens and 24 and Plank Road which is this property.'

Tracey's nephew lives across the street. His home was spared but the building where her salon is located was damaged.

"Thank God that no one was injured because they're people that live upstairs, in the apartments so everyone was safe."

Aside from her business the building houses apartments. The property also has a laundromat and a car wash. The roof of the third floor blew off the building Friday night.

Since the storm, Tracey has come by the salon everyday to survey the damage.

"A lot of water came in and there is some water dripping here. The room off to my left here, the ceiling has come down a bit. There's a room behind there that was an old kitchen that I used kind of as a dispensary for supplies and the water was kind of just pouring in there as well.'

The salon has no electricity and half of the property has running water.  Beatty Property Group, LLC, property manager, Joe Beatty is still adding up the damages.

"The automatic car wash was destroyed and that cost about one $150,000 so that would have to be replaced. The roof of the car wash needs to be replaced so this [building] is $250,000 and that [car wash roof] is probably a $150,000 to $180,000," says Beatty.

The apartment building next door is a complete loss and although Wise is stressed she says it could have been worse.

"Thank God no one was hurt. I don't know how no one was hurt but thank God."


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