FOX43 Finds Out: Speed Limit Display Dilemma

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Manchester Township, PA -- Dan Spies says he recently bought a 2019 Subaru Outback because he liked all the safety features.

However, he says there is one big flaw with his new vehicle, "Right next to the digital display is a little icon with the speed limit and that speed limit is inaccurate in many places."

Spies says that speed icon seems to be defaulting to 55 miles per hour on certain roads when the real speed limit can be 45, 35 or even 25 miles per hour.

"This has caused a little bit of a problem. I feel that it`s a safety issue," said Spies.

We hopped in the car with Spies and put the GPS to the test around his neighborhood in Manchester Township, York County.

"The speed limit here works off the navigation system. They work in conjunction of one and other."

In less than 30 seconds; the first discrepancy.

Spies said, "The speed limit is 25 and this is registering at 55 right now."

Then the same issue kept happening.

In total, the speed icon gave us incorrect information 7 times in just 7 minutes.

"This is where I`m concerned with somebody thinking you can do 55 right now and you`re really in a 40 mph speed zone," said Spies.

Spies says he's tried everything to fix the problem.

"I can turn the navigation system completely down by holding this button."

Even when you turn off the display, the speed icon near the speedometer doesn't go away.

Spies said, "I contacted the dealer, they contacted I guess the company above them and there is no way to delete the icon with the speed limit."

He also contacted TomTom, the company that makes the GPS.

"TomTom has told me that they only support a 5 inch screen and this a very new system, it`s an 8 inch screen and they can`t offer any assistance."

He has tried updating the system the mapping system too, that hasn't worked either.

For now, it appears Spies is stuck wit the speed icon.

"I`ve done everything I can do as a consumer, the manufacturer or TomTom, they have to take responsibility for their vehicle."

TomTom told us it has provided a software update to Subaru to fix the mapping problem.

However, that dealer Apple Subaru, told us it never got an update from the mapping company.

We did also contact Subaru corporate about the issue.

A spokesperson says if there are incorrect speed limits, the company needs the specific location information so a map data provider can investigate.

We gave Subaru several locations where we found wrong speed limits last week, we haven't heard back since.

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