PennDOT preparing for winter, in need of temporary plow truck drivers

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Although there's no snow in the forecast just yet, PennDOT is busy getting ready for the winter months and they're having a tough time getting some temporary positions filled.

PennDOT has been working to fill about 150 temporary positions for the winter months since the summer. They've filled about half of the positions and are now pushing to get the rest filled before the snowy weather arrives.

"One of the problems we have this time of year is we are competing with people who want CDL drivers," said Greg Penny, PennDOT spokesperson.

Most of these temporary workers PennDOT is hiring will drive plow trucks when snow arrives and will serve an eight-county regions including Dauphin, Lebanon, Lancaster, Perry, Cumberland, York, Franklin and Adams Counties.  Penny says he believes the reason they are having a hard time filling these positions is because the unemployment rate is so low.

"It means there's a smaller pool of applicants for us to draw on," said Penny.

Not being able to fill these positions will put a strain on crews during the winter months. While some people may be hsitant to take temporary work, Penny says it could serve as an opportunity to grow within PennDOT.

"It's actually a good deal for people looking for permanent employment through PennDOT," said Penny. "They could come in, work as a temporary operator and usually a position opens and it's a good stepping stone from a temporary position into a full-time permanent position."

PennDOT says outside of being a bit short on plow drivers, they are fully stocked with salt and are in the process of making sure roadways and their vehicles are ready for winter.

For more information on PennDOT's winter operations click here.

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