Bar in Harrisburg staffs armed guards for customer safety

HARRISBURG, Pa. --In the wake of a mass shooting at a bar in California, killing 12 peoplesome are asking if bouncers should be required to carry guns.

The owner at Bridge’s Social Club in Harrisburg says they have armed guards with metal detectors checking every person that goes in.

“You can’t get in unless you get searched," said Erik Sohadze, owner at Bridge’s Social Club.  “We have to enforce security on Friday’s and Saturday’s just to make sure everything is under control and every patron is safe," added Sohadze.

On the weekends they have up to ten guards some even armed.

“Usually we have a couple of guys outside, they search people before they get in because we have to make sure that no one gets in with anything on them," said Sohadze.

"I believe in the second amendment and I believe that we should keep our people safe, especially in an atmosphere where people get drunk and rowdy," said Andrew Temen, Harrisburg resident.

“I don’t see it as a need, I wouldn’t want to be involved in an environment like that but I would feel safer, I may patronize the place if I knew there was some type of deterrent and it wasn’t a soft target," said Angelo Carrion, Harrisburg resident.

Which is the very reason Bridge’s Social Club employs bouncers that work as armed guards.

 “Some people are just walking around looking for problems and you gotta make sure that everything is under control and you take necessary actions to prevent that," said Sohadze. “We’re doing our job and we’re trying to do it well," he added.

Sohadze hopes his business will become an example to others.

FOX43 did reach out to multiple bars in Harrisburg to find out if they have any security measures in place, however we haven’t heard back.

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