Cold Friday rain, breezy and bitter start to the weekend

Showers take over around the lunchtime hour for a cold rain.

Rainfall totals of 3/4-to-1 inch likely area-wide, locally higher totals possible.

RAIN FRIDAY: We start the day off cold, in the 30s. Cloud cover sticks around all day long. Showers begin in the mid-morning with even a little mixing in our furthest northwestern spots. Showers take over by lunch with a steady, cold rain persisting all afternoon and into the evening. Occasionally heavy rainfall will be likely. Rainfall totals of 3/4″ to 1″ widespread will be likely. Locally higher totals, as always, are possible. High temperatures stay in the 40s area-wide on a cold and dreary end to the work week.

Wind chills in the 20s dominate Saturday, into the low-30s by the afternoon. Actual highs are in the 40s.

Saturday will feel much colder with wind chills in the 30s. Winds calm down Sunday, feeling closer to the actual temperature under mostly sunny skies.

COLD SATURDAY: A cold wind shift out of the northwest once the rain stops falling brings dry, breezy conditions to kick off the weekend. Wind gusts up to 25MPH likely all day Saturday. Actual temperatures top out in the 40s. However, with the winds, our “feels-like” temperatures won’t leave the upper-20s and low-30s even with plenty of sunshine. Some places could feel like they’re in the teens in the early morning of Saturday before winds calm down Sunday.

Hard freezes likely most of the mornings in the Weather Smart Forecast.

STAYING CHILLY: Sunshine dominates a dry Sunday with not as gusty winds. Highs top out in the mid-to-upper 40s with little additional wind chill. We stay in the 40s for the most part of the Weather Smart Forecast with the exception of Wednesday. Showers start late Monday night into Tuesday with some brief mixing during the early morning hours. Steady cold rain falls once again throughout the day. Highs on Wednesday stay in the upper-30s as below average afternoon temperatures dominate the extended forecast.

Have a great day! Stay dry.

-Meteorologist Bradon Long

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