Manheim Township Police looking for men involved in Hobby Lobby theft scheme

MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. --- Police need help identifying two men they believe to be involved in a theft scheme at Hobby Lobby on Fruitville Pike.

One man, described as a white man with dark hair and glasses, is wanted for retail theft.

Investigators say he went into the Hobby Lobby with a woman on Halloween, October 31, and served as a look-out while she stole $135 worth of high-end, professional, artistic markers.

Sgt. Michael Piacentino with Manheim Township Police said they know who she is because she presented her ID when returning half of the loot to the store for cash.

A third man, described as a white man with red hair, is wanted for attempted theft by deception.

Investigators said he returned to the Hobby Lobby later in that day and attempted to return the other half of the loot to the store for payment.

However, authorities say he refused to present his ID and fled the store.

“When they have no receipt, they want to present an ID and if they’re refusing to present an ID, there’s something suspicious about that,” said Piacentino.

After that incident, investigators say a store review of security cameras traced the items back to the shelf they were on

Using the cameras, they identified the people taking those items from that shelf through the day.

“The images that you’re going to be getting off of these cameras is phenomenal and once we can figure out where they go in the store, the in and out door is going to be the best camera they have and the image is going to be captured and if the person’s known, you’re going to be able to identify them.”

Anyone with information about the incident or the people involved is asked to either call Manheim Township Police or you can submit an anonymous tip online.

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