‘Gettysburg Big Band’ comes to York County to honor veterans with music

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SPRINGETTSBURY TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. --  A Gettysburg-based band brought the community together on Saturday in York County to honor those who have served.

‘Gettysburg Big Band’ hosted a unique World War II era music and dance celebration for veterans day at Heritage Hills in Springettsbury Township.

“Our freedom is protected by the people that are willing to give their lives with almost no reservations," said Joel Sears, Gettysburg Big Band Band Manager.

Seventeen members with Gettysburg Big Band invited dozens of people to honor veterans and show their pride for the red white and blue.

“There really wasn’t anything going on in York that would celebrate the veterans to this level and we think that the ballroom dancing is something that a lot of veterans relate to," added Sears.

Band manager, Joel Sears served in the United States Air Force for eleven years.

“Most of us went without question, we served, those of us that were lucky enough to get either not stationed in Vietnam or to make it through the conflict without injury or death were fairly lucky but that was a sacrifice that was made," said Sears.

Sears now plays the trombone honoring those who fought to protect our country.

“I enjoyed my time in the Army and I have a great feeling for those that served in combat. Anything we can do to support our veterans today that’s very important," said Rich Roenigk of York Township.

“I’m not a veteran myself but my dad was, step-father, father-in-law, so we always support them when we can," said Steve McNaughton of Camp Hill.

“When you think about the totality of what it took to coordinate that effort, its really beyond comprehension it’s just a way to remember that and say thanks," added Sears.

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