Experts say decorating early for the holidays can make you happier

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OAK VIEW, CA. - Christmas Lights decorate a house. (Photo by: Visions of America/UIG via Getty Images)

CONNECTICUT– How early, is too early?

For some, decorating for the holiday started weeks ago.

Researchers says those who do tend to be happier.

The people on the end of the block say they’re happier this time of year, all thanks for the Brunelle’s.

They spend nearly three months preparing, setting up, and even making their own decorations.

Christmas cheer takes on a meaning of its own on Hillcrest Road in Plainville.

“Everybody loves it, yeah I do get a few people that when they come they say, ‘they’re starting already?’ and I’m like ‘yeah, but it’s such a positive thing.’ How could you not love it? And I think some people just don’t quite get it, but I get it,” said Christine Dugo.

You have to drive down the block to “get it.”

“Every September when he starts it, I get excited, I get to walk my dogs, and every day it’s a different piece of decoration out,” said Dugo.

From nutcrackers, to a donation drive drop off, even letters to Santa, the decorations serve a greater purpose.

“About a year after she passed, Josh decided to do this wonderful display in memory of his mom,” said James Brunelle.

Jill Brunelle suddenly died in 2011. She loved Christmas, especially decorating ornaments with her son, Josh. Her legacy and love of Christmas lives on.

“I think what you observe in those individuals is a little greater sense of optimism,” said Dr. Laura Saunders, Psychologist at Institute of Living.

Dr. Laura Saunders says decorating early can bring cheer.

The holidays are associated with a sense of wonderment from our childhood, sometimes the nostalgia creates an opposite effect.

“Those that are overly optimistic and feeling the holiday spirit take an extra moment, reach out to someone that you haven’t heard from in a while, reach out to your neighbor that you haven’t seen, do something to extend that holiday spirit,” said Saunders.

Whether you decorate now or later, the end goal is to do it with joy.

Do you think it’s too early to decorate for the holidays?

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