Millersburg boutique give future veteran spouses free wedding gowns on Veterans Day

Special Moments Boutique owner Wanda Latshaw is normally closed on Mondays but today is different. She opened her shop for Veterans Day.

Latshaw is giving veterans and their future spouses free wedding gowns for Veterans Day.

"It's one way that we can show our appreciation for military for all they do for us," said Latshaw. "I can't do a whole lot but this is in my field and this is something that I can offer them."

The boutique owner say brides travel near and far to get a chance to pick a free dress.  Although she has not set a wedding date young bride-to-be Jessica Theroux took advantage of the deal.

"Not sure on the year but October 17th is what we're, you kind of looking forward to like a fall wedding."

Theroux met her fiance almost three and a half years ago in California where he was stationed as a Marine. She moved to Pennsylvania to be closer.

“This is supposed to be the most expensive things that you’re going to buy," say Theroux, "So you can look really good but this dress is off my shoulders.”

"When you see mom or a bride so excited about a dress, sometimes brings a tear to the eye. It's a very fulfilling day," say Latshaw.

If you missed out on the Veterans Day special Latshaw say contact the boutique and they help you find a dress.

Special Moments Bridal is located at 321 Market Street, Millersburg, Pennsylvania or you can contact the boutique at 717-692-3994.

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