Getting ready for Winter with Winter Awareness Week in Pennsylvania

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YORK COUNTY, Pa.-- The first day of winter will be here before we know it, it's just a little over a month away! This week marks Winter Weather Awareness Week in Pennsylvania, and the National Weather Service is sharing some tips to help you get ready.

The National Weather Service is designating each day this week to a different winter related topic. First, they say you must prepare your home and your car for winter storms. Keep your home stocked with food, water, blankets, flashlights, and have warm clothes always ready.

They say Winter is the most dangerous time of the year for drivers, that roughly three out of four winter weather related deaths happen on the highways. Be sure to drive using extra caution during wet, snowy, and icy conditions. You also should always have a half tank of gas, check your breaks, wipers, tires, and antifreeze. Having an emergency kit in your car is also good, just in case you get stuck in bad conditions. Try to avoid driving alone, and use main roads as much as possible.

The National Weather Service says to know the difference between watches, warnings, and advisories. Advisories are the least severe, during a watch the conditions are there and could happen, a warning is happening now.

Dressing to what you are doing and in layers is key, says the National Weather Service. They say frostbite can happen when your fingers, toes, ears, or the tip of your nose is exposed to subfreezing temperatures for a long period of time. Hypothermia is even more dangerous, especially for children and people over 60-years-old.

The first day of Winter is Friday, December 21. You can find a full list of tips on winter preparedness on their website.

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