Drivers struggle to make it home, good samaritans lend a hand in York County

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YORK TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- It's safe to say a lot of people did not prepare themselves for Thursday's storm.

Countless drivers got stuck in their vehicles and created backlog on roads all throughout Central Pennsylvania.

But... it was the determination of friendly neighbors in York County, helping not one, not two, not three, but four drivers, that we saw, who just couldn’t make it all the way up Leader Heights Road in York County.

"Well, a bunch of cars in front of me stopped, and of course, everybody’s getting stuck. I’ve seen trucks, cars, vans, everybody in front of me has gotten stuck," said Jill Holder, a driver stuck in the middle of the road.

"At the house, let the dog out, and this van was doing nothing but spinning, so I came out and started helping," explained Timonthy Almony, a good samaritan who helped drivers get going on the road again.

Four of us pushed one car up a hill.

"It's all right to help people, but people just got to take it easy and understand not every car is equipped to do what their car can," added Almony.

During our interview, one driver didn't take it so easy, creating his own lane to make it up the hill.

On Tyler Run Road, drivers took it slow. Still, one woman became stranded.

By the time we were able to safely park, she too had been helped.

"Did you expect someone to get out and help you that quick?" asked FOX43.

"That fast?! No," said Jazmin Balbi. "Eventually, I knew help was going to come cause someone had to come, at least a snow plow, somebody was going to see me stuck there."

FOX43 heard stories of people happy to lend a hand, but those people just hoped drivers might take something away when it comes to future winter weather.

“It’s better not to go out if you’re not all wheel drive, or four wheel, don’t come out, it’s not safe," said Veronica Almony, a woman who helped pushed cars.

Drivers can always check roadway conditions at

You can also see all incidents in York County at

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