PennDOT working around the clock to get roads cleared

SUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. - PennDOT crews have been working since Thursday morning to make sure roads get cleared. Many drivers working more than 12 hour shifts.

While it may seem like an easy job, plow truck drivers have two plows on their trucks to pay attention to while also monitoring how much salt is being put on the roadways. Plow drivers say the hardest part of the job is not the snow, but the other cars out on the roads as they are working to get them clear.

"Just let us do our job," said Marlin Hoover, PennDOT plow truck driver. "Don't try to pass us, give us room."

Until roads are clear PennDOT is urging anyone who doesn't have to be on the roadways to stay home. If you do see a plow truck make sure to keep your distance of about six car lengths and don't pass them.

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