Snowfall in Cumberland County made for tricky travel, tough for plow trucks

HAMPDEN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The snowfall in Cumberland County made for tricky travel, and tough for plow trucks too.

Throughout the day, FOX 43 spoke with drivers who were frustrated and worried, but also some who were happy.

Just when the black top began to peak through, another blanket of snow quickly covered it.

“The commute was a little hard,” Drake Stevens, who was working in Hamden Township, said. “When the snow started picking up, and like I said everybody starts slowing down and things like that. the roads haven’t been plowed yet so it’s a little slippery.”

PennDOT said plows have been out since 7 a.m. in Cumberland County. They plowed a 75/25 mix of salt and anti-skid. Because routes were averaging 36-40 miles, it could take at least two hours to get back to the same spot.

“Just a lot of vehicles struggling,” Laurel Dolinger of Enola, said. “A lot of vehicles on the side of the road that can’t make it up the hills.”

And the plow drivers experienced some of their own challenges.

“It’s not hard but staying awake for 48 hours can be difficult,” Luke Lenker, a plow driver, said. “And I don’t drink coffee.”

“I mean nobody likes to sit there and scrape of their car every day that it snows,” Stevens said. “So I mean, good for the people who have remote start but other than that nobody wants to get their hands wet and cold. It’s just an inconvenience to everybody else. But if you don’t let it be an inconvenience, then you just maintain that positive attitude, and everything’s okay.”

But don't let it fool you, these guys couldn't be more positive.

“I love it,” Lenker said. “I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love the snow. I love the cold. I couldn’t imagine living in Florida.”

“I do enjoy the snow, actually,” Stevens said. “The first snowfall is the best.”

As for Dolinger…

“Yeah I plan on going home and staying home for the rest of the day,” he said.

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