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Military dad surprises kids during visit with Santa

Eight year-old Alan Powell has big plans for his future.

“Alan, what do you want to be when you grow up?" asked his mom, Shanda.

An army man!” said Alan.

So, the top item on his Christmas list only makes sense…

“I really want the army toy action figures," said Alan.

But this year, he’s getting something even better- the real deal.

"I saw his uniform of his pants. I was like, who is that?” said Alan.

Adam, Alan's dad, has been deployed in Jordan for the last year...what might seem like an eternity for an 8 year-old and his younger siblings.

Long awaited giggles…

“My kids and my wife are everything to me. So being home, being back, being reunited. It’s a great feeling. It’s a surreal ending to everything,” said Adam.

Making this Christmas wish…

“What do you think? Did Santa do good?" said Shanda.

"Yeah!” said the kids.

A Christmas miracle.