A healthier Turkey Day with balanced recipes and leftover ideas

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SUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY Pa.-- It's almost turkey day, one of the biggest days to indulge! Most people stick to traditional recipes, but if you wan't to switch things up in the kitchen and be a little healthier-- you have some time.

Giant Food Store Nutritionist, Shanna Shultz is sharing some healthy Thanksgiving alternatives, and tips to keep your holiday intake more balanced.

She says there are three Thanksgiving salads you can make to start your meal with. One is a spinach salad with pomegranates, pears, and feta, another is a baby kale salad with warm cinnamon butternut squash, dried cranberries, pepitas, and feta. The last salad dish is shaved Brussels sprouts with warm red quinoa, apples, walnuts, feta, and honey mustard dressing.

After the meal comes dessert, and for some that's the best part! Shultz says you can make a purple sweet potato pie.

"It adds a twist, plus you're bringing a different set of nutrients to the table," Shultz says.

Now, lets talk leftovers. Shanna showed Fox 43 three different dishes you can make with Thanksgiving Day leftovers.

"These are some creative ways to use leftovers, they will power your day and your Black Friday shopping," says Shultz.

She says one healthy way to use your leftovers if making a power bowl by using a whole grain base then top with all of your left overs. Another, is a pumpkin smoothie! Shultz says to cut small slices of a pumpkin pie and blend that with vanilla protein powder and milk. Her last healthy leftover tip is a bone broth, where you can simmer your leftover turkey bones in your crock pot to make your own one broth.

"The bone broth is really good because it is high in protein, it's a great drink for the cold/flu season, and you can freeze it," says Shultz.

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