Harrisburg Police help serve Thanksgiving meals to those in need

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Harrisburg Police Officers spent Wednesday afternoon serving people in a different way than normal. Ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday they helped people who wouldn't otherwise have a Thanksgiving meal.

As many people prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving with their friends and families, some people aren't as fortunate.

"I love to serve the people and I know they really need it in this community," said Lynida Hudson, soup kitchen manager at Camp Curtain Memorial-Mitchel Methodist Church.

After more than 13 hours of preparation, the church opened up their doors Wednesday to serve Thanksgiving meals. Aside from the soup kitchen's volunteers who are there every week, Harrisburg Police Officers stepped off the streets to also help serve the food.

"This is another opportunity for us to get out into the public to really create positive interactions and engagements," said Blake Lynch, Harrisburg Police Community Policing Coordinator. "And really just continue to move the community forward in the city."

As officers scooped green beans, mac and cheese, and of course Turkey onto the plates of people at the Thanksgiving dinner, it wasn't just about helping these people ahead of the holiday. Lynch says, it's about helping them in their time of need so they can help officers when they need help.

"It's the same thing when we interact in the schools with the kids, we want to let everyone know we are here for good and not just when this happen bad," said Lynch.

In total nearly 200 people were served at the Thanksgiving meal.

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