755 Thanksgiving meals delivered to people in York County

YORK, Pa. - The York County Community comes together to feed people in need this holiday.  Police departments from around York County and their families, along with people from the neighborhood spent their Thanksgiving morning packing up Thanksgiving meals to be delivered to people in the county.

"We are always going to the door when they're in trouble, when there's an issue," said Chief Michael Muldrow, School District of the City of York School Police. "So to be able to have the time to knock on their door just to provide, give or do something positive we want to give we wanted to get as many departments involved as possible."

Started last year, Plate Patrol provided 275 meals on Thanksgiving, this year they more than doubled that amount with 755 meals.

"To me it's a blessing because we have a lot of older folks," said one woman receiving food. "A lot of disabled and they're not able to get out so at least they'll get a thanksgiving meal."

The meals were made possible with the help of more than 100 people and business.

"I wanted to help people because some of them are less fortunate," said Malachi Brooks, 8-year-old volunteer. "And I just feel like I should help that."

Thirty turkeys were cooked by Dickey's Barbeque, Panera donated the pastries and bread, Mission BBQ donated sides, Life Path Ministries provided the drinks, with many other people donating what they could.

"It's amazing enough to half way bring you to tears," said Chief Muldrow. "Like I said it's literally York County at its best. There's so much negativity is in the news and on social media both about the police and about York and about the violence and everything else that you don't often get to see what York county can do when we mobilize for something positive and I think you're definitely seeing it today."

This was the second annual year for Plate Patrol. They hope to make it an even bigger event next year.

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