Black Friday festive shoppers take over Park City Center in Lancaster

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LANCASTER, Pa. -- Thousands of shoppers at ‘Park City Center’ in Lancaster County spent Friday celebrating the shopping holiday splurging on all of the best Black Friday deals.

Paula Boehner and Mary Jones, who are sisters , say the day has become a family affair.

"Paula makes dinner on Thanksgiving so we just relax today, we do a little bit of shopping, have a nice lunch or dinner and it’s just a great day," said Mary Jones, shopper.

A common theme throughout the mall, some even dressing up in their most festive attire.

“We kind of started a theme a few years back and we’ve been doing it ever since and every year it gets more and more, intricate," said Alaina McNaughton.

“I’m the navigator, she’s the driver, and the little map and we’ve got little hashtags," Tara Simpkins, shopper.

Some girlfriends got together doing what friends do best.

“It’s our girls day out, no kids, no husbands and we’ll be out until two in the morning about what  by the time we get back home," added Simpkins.

“It’s been a great day! Except for the person that honked at me when I was trying to park and I said Tis’ the season," said Paula Boehner.

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