Expert advice on preventing frozen pipes when cold weather hits Central PA

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YORK, Pa. -- Plumbers in York County are warning homeowners of the dangers that come along with winter weather -- frozen pipes.

“Everybody is panicking they don’t have heat in their home." sad  Eddie Rehm, Rehm Plumbing and HVAC.

Experts say once it hits 32 degrees or lower for 24 hours or more, there is potential for pipes to freeze -- creating all kinds of issues for homeowners.

“It could bring down the ceiling, it could bring down the walls, it could ruin essentially everything that you see around me right now," said Rehm. “Either you’ll see the water and you’ll see the damage right away or you’ll hear water running because potentially it could be in a spot that you can’t get to or locate, it’s underneath in a crawl space," he added.

Places like in your kitchen, bathrooms, attic or basement.

“You kind of look for anything that is within realm to freeze," said Rehm.

Rehm says it’s all about preventative maintenance, adding that every winter, homeowners should consider doing a perimeter check.

“Make sure you take off your hose off your outside spicket, also close it off," said Rehm.

Also try to eliminate drafts from windows, check you mortar and siding for any holes and make sure pipes are properly insulated.

“It’s the winter jacket of the season," said Rehm.

If you're going away on vacation , keep that heat running.

“You have the potential to freeze up and then that’s going to cost a lot more than maybe twenty dollars in a heating bill," said Rehm.

If your pipes happen to freeze, here are some tips to follow:

-Make sure you shut off your water immediately

-Use a hair dryer to defrost pipes

-Turn the water back on slowly and check for cracks and leaks.

If you are still having problems, be sure to call a professional.

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