New Jersey man set to serve up to 36 years in prison for human trafficking ring in Lancaster

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.– A New Jersey man is set to serve up to 36 years in prison for a human trafficking ring he ran in Lancaster by enticing the victims with drugs.

Dominic Roach has been sentenced to 18-36 years in prison after what was the first trafficking trial in Lancaster County history.

During the trial, it was found that Roach spent more than $26,000 on hotels, mostly on and around Lincoln Highway East.

It was determined that Roach trafficked the women from New Jersey to Lancaster County where they performed sex acts for money, with Roach profiting from the payments.

He provided two victims with controlled substances and a portion of the profits in order for them to stay working for him.

When Roach was arrested, he had $1,073 in cash and a credit card belonging to one of the victims on his person.

Assistant District Attorney Karen Mansfield said at sentencing that Roach was involved in “modern-day slavery,” taking advantage of two women whom were addicted to drugs.

While ordering sentence, Judge Totaro said he considered Roach’s extensive criminal history, calling him a danger to society.

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