People demand answers for ongoing water issue in Perry County neighborhood

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CARROLL TOWNSHIP, PERRY COUNTY, Pa. - People living in Orchard Hills Mobile Home Park were without water for about seven days last week. Water has since been restored to some people to some people living here but others are still having issues and say they have been kept in the dark about what's going on.

"Sometimes we'll have water, sometimes we won't, sometimes it will spit and then sometimes we will just have a drop of water," said Lisa Thomas, Orchard Hills Mobile Home Park resident. "And sometimes we won't have water."

Since November 17th, people like Lisa Thomas, who live in Orchard Hills Mobile Park have been dealing with water issues.

"We were out of water for a week right before Thanksgiving," said Thomas.

While the water was shut off people living there had to rely on one spicket for water which for some people like Thomas, wasn't the easiest to get to.

"I have tendonitis in my ankle so it hurts when I walk a lot," said Thomas.

Water was back on Black Friday but then shut off again Tuesday for several hours. Wednesday morning the water was on but cloudy. People living here tell me some people received letters from the property manager about what's going on but many did not.

"I feel like we're at the back burner of everything," said Rob Kiner, lives in Orchard Hills Mobile Home Park. "Every time something goes wrong, we're done last."

FOX43 reached out to the property manager to get answers about what is going on but was told we would have to leave a message. People living in the neighborhood say they've left several messages but none of their calls have been returned. With this ongoing water issue people living here believe they now deserve more than answers.

"I feel that we should be compensated for being without water for a week," said Kiner. "But they don't want to do that."

People living in the neighborhood say they heard they will be without water again tomorrow but don't know how long that will last.

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