People in York upset with ordinance that says trash can’t go out early

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YORK, Pa. -- Some people in York are having trouble with trash due to a city ordinance that says trash cannot be put out before 5:00 p.m. the day before pick up, leaving those with opposite schedules in a tough spot.

Traci Tilson says she was getting surgery on Monday, when she decided to put her trash out before leaving her house a full day before pick up.

"There was a notice on the door that we had been warned that we put our garbage out too early," said Traci Tilson, York resident.

There was also a picture of her trash out front paired with that warning.

"I had no clue that it couldn't be put out before 5 p.m. until I saw the notice," added Tilson.

The Neighborhood Improvement Ordinance has been in effect for almost two years and covers everything from illegal dumping to maintaining property.

Fines can go up based on how many violations someone has, so if you've already received a warning, then putting trash out early would start at a $25 fine and can go up to $300.

"We're working very hard to improve quality of life in in the city," said Steven Buffington,  Deputy Director of Permits, Planning & Zoning, City of York.

City officials say there are a few problems with trash being put out early.

"Even the slightest wind will blow it around the neighborhood," said Buffington.

 It can also be a health risk.

"Animals get into those bags, rip them open and then the trash gets scattered throughout the neighborhood," he added.

While some aren't happy with the ordinance, others think it's a good idea.

"I am a big believer of trying to keep my neighborhood as clean and as neat as we possibly can and when I see trash floating around it annoys me," Sallie Derr, York resident.

For more information on York's Neighborhood Improvement Ordinance, visit:

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