Police warn parents after children lured with candy in Hellam Township

HELLAM TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Parents in York County are concerned after hearing reports of children being lured by strangers with candy at a Hellam Township apartment complex.

Police say it happened sometime after 4:00 p.m. Wednesday at Cool Creek Manor Apartments.

“It’s concerning because there are a lot of kids around this area," said Kyle Knowles.

Kyle Knowles says his 8-year-old son was approached by the man and woman inside the car on Wednesday as he was getting off of the bus.

“They were out front playing and one of the neighbors kids that he was playing with, a car approached them and pulled up to them and offered them a Kit Kat bar," said Knowles.

However, this isn’t the first time neighbors believe they’ve seen the car circling the area.

Neighbor Disma Cambilla, says about a week ago his son came home after school, saying there were some strange people in a car lingering near the bus stop.

“A red car, the same description," said Cambilla. “Basically was circling around the neighborhood and was just yelling stuff at the kids," he added.

Cambilla believes it was the same people.

“Now it’s like ok, they are offering candy so it’s just a little weird," said Cambilla. "It worries me if it is someone looking for a child and wants to  maybe take them," he added.

Parents in the community share the same concerns saying they would move if the issue continues.

“I want what is best for the kids and I have two on the way," said Knowles.

In a Facebook post Hellam Township Police warned parents saying — quote — “This behavior can be considered “grooming”. It can also be an effort to gain trust in a child.”

Police say they are looking for a couple in their 40's seen in a red car.

They will be patrolling the bus stop area here behind me for the time being.

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