Harrisburg Rising holds rally against white supremacy

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HARRISBURG, Dauphin County, PA. -- A group of people gathered outside the state capitol building in Harrisburg, rallying against white supremacy on Saturday,

The organization, Harrisburg Rising, says they are dedicated to ending white supremacist ideology and work to give everyone a voice.

The group says the Charlottesville, Virginia, riots last year and Ku Klux Klan fliers spotted in York County this year give reason for their efforts.

Organizers say they want to say "no more" to hate groups.

"We wanted to show how the educational system has failed, and people of color especially, black kids, how the law was made to protect all of us, but it doesn't," said Catharine Lugaro, co-organizer of Harrisburg Rising.

Organizers say the timing of their rally bares significance, coming one day after the 63rd anniversary of Rosa Park's famous refusal to give up her bus seat in Montgomery, Alabama.

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