Lancaster County porch pirate learns ironic lesson

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Kristi and Jake Kreider love to laugh.

“We like to say that we love Jesus, and Jesus has a sense of humor, too,” said Kristi.

And a lot of times, it’s humor, that helps their small business, Honeysuckle Shop, thrive.

“We have little mini signs that say things like, ‘Wanna make out?,''fart zone," we have one that has a picture of a coffee pot that says, ‘pot head.’”

But that humor was hard to hold onto after two special-order shipments vanished from their mailbox.

“I got an email from one of the customers expressing she was very upset that it had not delivered yet and the tracking information said it still had not been picked up by the post office. So I went ahead and contacted the other customer of the second order, and she said the exact same thing,” said Kristi.

Kristi and Jake realized the packages must have been stolen, a tough thing to grasp for small business owners.

“It is a bit of a setback, and from a customer standpoint too, it’s frustrating to have to tell a customer that. To say, ‘Hey, your signs have not made it. You’ll have to wait another week,’” said Jake.

Frustrating, maybe, until they remembered what was inside those packages.

"They didn’t get an iPad, that’s for sure,” said Jake.

A joke, even Santa might be in on.

“There’s a little bit of irony. So that’s helping us laugh our way through it, even though it kind of sucks,” said Kristi.

Two signs- one, a bible verse, the other, reading ‘Dear Santa, I can explain…’

“The jokes kind of on them. The sign they got is maybe a good message for them to have at the end of the day,” said Jake.

Just goes to show you that Santa is always watching.

If you want to purchase one of these signs, you can visit their website

Also, they will also be hosting a holiday craft fair in their home next Friday, December 14, from 4 until 9.

The address is 2327 Meadowview Road in Manheim, and the event is open to the public.

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