Large amount of money found in library book

MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, Lancaster - Books are donated to the Manheim Township Public Library on a regular basis but in September staffers found a large amount of cash left in one book.

"It was a surprise. It's not an everyday occurrence," says Manheim Township Public Library Executive Director Joyce Sands.

The money was found in a book that is a part of the popular children's book series, 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid.'

The staff turned over the money to the Manheim Township Police Department in November.

"The amount of money that is involved inside the book," said Manheim Township Police Department Sergeant Michael Piacentino  "It may have been a donation but just by the way it was left inside. We believe it was left by accident,"

Police are not saying how much money was found in the book but they say it is a mix of American money and foreign currency.

"The reason why I am not giving away the amount of money is because there really is no way for us to prove who did or did not give so we don't want a false person come through and giving a false statement and claim 'yes that's mine' and trying to claim something."

Police say if a person would like to claim the money they should provide details about the money and meet with them at the department.

Officers are commending the library staffers for reporting the lost cash.

"They were honest and honorable enough to turn it in and try to find the appropriate owner it just speaks volumes of the caliber of people that work at the library," said Piacentino.

The department is waiting one year for the rightful owner to claim the money. If no one comes forward to claim it then police will donate it to the library.


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