150 bikes donated and fixed for those less fortunate in York County

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MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. --  It's a tradition at Gung Ho Bikes in Manchester Township that dates back five years now... pizza, beers, and bikes one night each December.

It's all to bring a little joy to those in need around the holidays.

It's not usually busy this time of year at Gung Ho Bikes on Susquehanna Trail in York.

"We're not tremendously busy. You've been here, and there is the second customer who walked in," said Jay Zech, the general manager.

These men and women are here to make repairs.

"I know how to do some basic fixing. I'm not the best mechanic in the world, but yes, I could take this one, and we'll get it going and make it safe," said David Raymond, a part-time worker and volunteer at the shop.

Volunteers like Raymond are giving up their time to give 150 bikes the love they need. They won't be able to fix every single one. However, they'll certainly try because these bikes aren't being bought, they're being given to a number of charities in York County.

"It just grew out of, people were leaving, we were ending up with bikes, and we didn't know what to do with the bikes we ended up with," said Zech.

"Whether they were cleaning our their garage or whether trying to make space for this, that, or the other thing, or they just don't need them, or outgrew them, or whatever," said Raymond.

People, like Karen Neff, drove an hour from Maryland to donate hers.

"I thought what better way to get rid of our old bikes, and hopefully, someone else can get better use out of it," said Neff.

The owners don't exactly call this 'a labor of love', but rather, giving neighbors a lift, when they need it the most.

"The joy of riding a bike is just one of those things I can't imagine not experiencing," explained Raymond.

Charities from all across the area will pick up the bikes Friday morning at 10.

Organizations include Big Brothers Big Sisters, New Life for Girls, Family First Health, Crispus Attucks, United Way, the Salvation Army, Teen Haven, Toys for Tots, Children's Aid, and more.

Managers say the magic happens when a child gets their first bike or an adult has a new way to get to work.

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