Jefferson County teen suffering from cancer asks for Christmas cards as dying wish

Photo Credit: FOX 8 Cleveland

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Pa.– A teen boy from western Pennsylvania is asking for Christmas cards as his dying wish, and that request has grabbed the attention of an NFL player.

The Oakland Raiders’ Paul Butler, a native of Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania, caught wind of a request by 14-year-old Maddox Hyde, and is hoping to use his platform to make Hyde’s wish come true.

Hyde is suffering from neuroblastoma and has been told that he has just weeks to live.

According to Butler’s tweet, all that Hyde has asked for in his last few days is to receive Christmas cards from all over the world.

Now, Butler is hoping to garner as much attention to Hyde’s request as possible, in order to flood the teen with cards in his final days.

If you’d like to send Maddox a Christmas card, you can send them to this address:

Maddox Hyde

333 Ohio St.

Reynoldsville, Pa. 15851