Christmas tree farmers overcoming wet weather, Amazon live tree sales

CARROLL TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. - Christmas tree farmers were up against a few challenges this year. With a lot of rainfall this summer and Amazon now selling real Christmas trees, farmers are working to make sure those things don't affect business.

Each year, 5,000-7,000 trees are planted at McCurdy's Tree Farm and won't be ready for harvest for eight years. This year, because of the rainy summer the farm has lost about 300 newly planted trees. But, with what have been rainy weekends since Thanksgiving, it hasn't stopped people from coming out and getting a tree.

“We anticipate a little bit of an increase each year and I think that’s going to be the case this year," said Mark McCurdy, McCurdy's Tree Farm Owner. "It is hard to tell for us until the seasons all over because of the weather and coldness. Some [people] wait until later and later to do it but I think so far we’re on track for a small increase.”

Christmas tree farmers are also now having to compete with the internet where sites like Amazon are selling real Christmas trees at the click of a mouse.

“I was aware that they were doing that," said McCurdy. "I think a 6-7 foot tree was like $117 but people that come here most come for the experience and freshness and you can’t get that through the mail.”

That experience McCurdy described is the exact reason people say they plan to keep coming out to the farm.

“We like coming out and taking the hayride, getting some hot chocolate," said Jennifer Goodyear-Zambon. 'I can’t see buying that off amazon. No way. There’s nothing that beats this experience and being able to come out and do this together.”

McCurdy's Tree Farm will be open everyday through December 24th. As for Amazon, it appears they have sold out of real Christmas trees.

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