Medical marijuana condition list could soon grow

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Cancer, autism, Chron’s Disease, epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease- just some of the 21 medical conditions approved for medical marijuana.

Some say the fact that it’s available at all is unacceptable.

“The majority of them are going to be taking it for fun times,” said one York County man.

But others think maybe 21 conditions just scratches the surface.

“I think recreationally, it’s dangerous. But if you do it medically, there’s not really anything you need to be worried about,” said another.

“I’m open for the research to see if it can help people, then why not give it a try?” said a third.

And that’s exactly what the Medical Marijuana Advisory Board is doing.

They will soon be accepting applications for those who think they could benefit from the drug, but don’t have one of the 21 conditions on the list.

“Right now the 21 conditions enable a person to get a card. There are many other conditions that we help treat alongside of their primary, chief complaint of why they’re here,” said Eric Hauser, President and CEO of Organic Remedies.

Hauser says he’s already seen marijuana aid symptoms connected to the approved conditions.

For example, insomnia, which a person might have as a result of chronic pain, which is on the list.

But, he says, there are plenty of people who deal with insomnia as a stand-alone condition, and right now, insomnia is not on the list.

“This stuff works better for sleep, is safer than any other sleep aid out there. And it’s almost a given that I will be able to help you sleep better with just a little bit,” said Hauser.

The same, he says, goes for anxiety and depression.

He says he’s happy to see the medical marijuana advisory board is willing to hear out potential recipients.

“To have something that is safe and effective and relatively inexpensive, why would you want to hold that back from Pennsylvanians, or really anyone to be honest with you?” said Hauser.

Applicants will need to submit a form explaining their condition, references, and published documentation proving medical marijuana can help at least 15 days before the medical marijuana advisory board meeting.

The next meeting will be held on February 1, 2019.

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