West York Borough Police cracking down on school bus stop violations

WEST YORK, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- The growing problem with drivers ignoring bus stops throughout York County is keeping West York Borough Police busy.

“They’re not stopping for the ambers, they’re not stopping for the reds which means stop on the bus, they’re just continuing about their business," said officer Bree Wilson, West York Borough Police.

Officer Bree Wilson, takes her job very seriously -- protecting the children riding the bus and cracking down on those who ignore the sign.

“I usually pick up a bus and then once they turn off out of my jurisdiction I’ll go, find another school bus and I will follow that bus until I can’t follow it anymore," said Wilson.

At least twice a day, officer Wilson says she is pulling someone over for a school bus stop violation.

In a dash cam video, officer Wilson can be seen parked in the center of the road with her lights on as a school bus stops to let kids out.

A white car ignores the school bus stop signals and keeps going.

A spokesperson with Reliance Student Transportation, says the problem is alarming.

“We have some areas that are more dangerous than others where people will just ignore the eight way system or as some people say the red flashing lights on the school bus," said Lorie Bevans, VP of operations.

Officer Wilson is pleading people take more caution before a tragic accident happens.

 “I don’t want to see someones child get killed for going to school getting on a school bus to go to school," said Wilson.

Wilson says she has a message for anyone out on the road that sees a school bus.

“You’re coming through York Borough, number nine, officer Wilson, I’ll see you. If you pass that school bus on my shift, I’ll see you and it won’t be nice," said Wilson.

Police say it doesn’t matter where you are going, if you see a bus, you need to stop no matter what direction you are traveling.

If pulled over, you can lose your license and face up to $300  in fines.

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