Luzerne County K-9 named top police dog in the country

PLYMOUTH, Pa. -- A police dog in Luzerne County has been named top dog in the country, beating out hundreds of other K-9s, according to WNEP.

The K-9, Sgt. Una has a unique assignment.

"There was no better feeling than to see Sgt. Una trot into my office with a first-place ribbon, announcing she won first place this year," said Krisa Piazza, a teacher at Wyoming Valley West.

The Wyoming Valley West High School in Plymouth celebrated America's top police dog, their Sgt. Una. Sgt. Una is a dog with a daily assignment to protect all the students and staff at the school.

Una, along with students and staff at the school, sounded excited about the honor.

Una received 20,000 votes in the Aftermath Services' nationwide K-9 contest.

Una is highly trained; her handler, Larksville Police Sgt., Josh Evans, can even tell her when to bark.

"She's truly an amazing dog and she inspires so many people and influences them and brings light to a room whenever she walks in," said Sgt. Evans.

Sgt. Evans is assigned to Wyoming Valley West along with Una. Una can assist in looking for drugs or  dangers and can quickly respond in case of a threat.

"We wanted to prove that we value Una and Sgt. Evans in our school and we wanted her to have grant money to continue being here for us and our community," said Piazza, who organized the voting.

The win came just after Sgt. Evans learned the budget for Una's upkeep was getting low.

"It wasn't a week later that we won this $5,000, so it's truly remarkable."

This contest had 280,000 votes nationwide for around 1,500 police dogs. The $5,000 first place prize for Sgt. Una will be used for whatever she needs in her care and training.

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