Chambersburg community helps catch crooks on camera

When Mattie Reed came into her Chambursburg salon one day a couple of years ago, she didn’t expect she would play a pivotal part in solving a crime.

“I came in around 7:30 in the morning and I noticed a minivan parked out back. Not parked, kind of like cutting across the driveway," said Reed.

She says the car was running, but no one was inside.

She also says a wheel was missing and she called the police.

The first thing they asked was to see if her security camera picked up any action the night before.

“You can tell when the minivan pulled in, hit the fence, backed up, pulled into the fence again a good three or four times. Trying to get out of it, couldn’t do it. And then you can see where they’re taking stuff out of the van and then they just walk away,” said Reed.

Reed says it was in the parking lot behind her salon where the SUV was stolen.

And police say if it wasn't for the surveillance cameras all around the salon, they may have never found who was responsible.

“We can’t solve crimes on our own. We need the public to assist us in doing such,” said Det. Sgt. Jon Greenawalt with the Chambersburg Police Department.

That’s why he is encouraging any home or business to register their home surveillance cameras on a department database.

When crimes happen, like in this case, a stolen vehicle, or even a 2017 homicide, police will immediately know where they can look for video evidence.

“This is a matter of partnering with the public to help solve crimes in their communities. It's for the benefit of the public," said Det. Sgt. Greenawalt.

“I think it’s a wonderful program. If I can take off and it gives the results, it is a good program," said Reed.

You can register your camera at

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