Police search for man accused of setting ex-girlfriend’s mobile home on fire

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YORK COUNTY -- An arrest warrant has been issued for a 46-year-old man accused of setting his ex-girlfriend's mobile home on fire in Newberry Township.

It's alleged that Douglas Kesecker, of York, set the Cassel Road home on fire before fleeing the area in a maroon Chevrolet Equinox. Officers located Kesecker's vehicle but he fled, police say. The vehicle has unknown New York registration plates.

Surveillance photo recovered from home on Cassel Road

Police were initially dispatched to the 700 block of Cassel Road just after 1:17 p.m. for a report of a suspicious individual. While en route, officers were advised that heavy smoke was seen coming from the roof of the residence, according to police.

"Fire department personnel arrived on scene and extinguished the fire," the criminal complaint states. "Extensive damage was suffered to the home as well as various personal contents."

Upon arrival, police learned that Kesecker was seen by neighbors in the Chevrolet Equinox in front of the residence prior to the fire.

According to police, surveillance video shoes he allegedly left within minutes as witness observed smoke.

Police say an officer saw Kesecker in the vehicle in the 3400 block of York Haven Road. When they tried to pull him over, he took off in his car.

It was discovered that the owner of the home had previously filed for a protection from abuse order against Kesecker, according to the criminal complaint. The owner had been in contact with police prior to the fire due to comments he allegedly made to her via text messages, the criminal complaint adds.

 “He had shown up at her residence unwanted or unexpected and then there were some other incidents where things had happened to her vehicle and her home," said Sergeant Braxton Ditty, Newberry Township Police Department.

Court documents from 2016 show Kesecker was arrested for making terroristic threats and stalking.

“History has shown that these things have the potential to escalate very quickly and very violently," added Sergeant Ditty.

Neighbors say they had a feeling something just wasn’t right at the home.

“I’ve seen him there before, we were just worried that something bad was happening. There had been cops there a good bit," said Rachael Slaughter, neighbor.

Police say they have a message for anyone who may be a victim of domestic violence.

“Come forward to us, even if it’s an incident that seems minor," said Sergeant Ditty. “Property is something of course can be replaced, lives are not.”

Kesecker faces a wide range of charges including arson and fleeing from police.

Anyone with information on Kesecker's whereabouts should contact Newberry Township Police:  (717) 938-2608.

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