Disagreements over cop car color in McSherrystown

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MCSHERRYSTOWN, ADAMS COUNTY, Pa. -- The color of a new police car is causing controversy among officials in Adams County.

The McSherrytown police chief wants one color, but council members like another.

Black or white - what color should McSherrystown's new police car be?

"Well, whatever they want to do. It's the borough taxes," said Ben Neiderer.

"I'd prefer white, but then I have a preference for white," said Sandy Overbaugh.
"I would say black because I just think of more police when I think of a black car," said Rich Huntington.
2 of the borough's three police cars are black. There's one white cruiser, but it is defective, which is why they need a new one.

The chief and mayor have said the borough should stick to black and honor the chief's choice - the way it has always been.

Council members went ahead and ordered white.
"When the chief sits at a meeting and says, 'we need a black vehicle' and someone else says, 'we need white because it's more visible'... that doesn't make any sense to me. Who decided white is a more visible color than black or blue or green?" questioned Mayor Tony Weaver.
Mayor Weaver says the black vehicle would be ready quicker than the white.

He also says it shouldn't be an issue at all.

"Isn't it a little bit ridiculous that a town of 3,100 people sit around and argue about a black or white police car?" added Mayor Weaver.
One taxpayer says sit down and work it out.
"It should be all people get together and talk it all out and figure it out what you want without one doing one thing without the other one knowing. A sit down. Talk it out. You're council. You're all one unit," added Huntington.
The chief tells FOX43 black would be the best choice as the new car will be unmarked.

We did try to talk to council members, calling and showing up Tuesday afternoon, but no one was available to talk.

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