FOX43 Finds Out: Holiday Shipping Wars

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Take a look at most of the top toys lists for 2018 and you'll find Fingerlings HUGS at the top of the list.

You can find it online at any of the big retailers websites: Amazon, Target and Walmart.

All three also offering free shipping, but which one is the fastest?

Amazon offers free shipping for prime-members on most items.

For people who don't want to pay the $119 yearly fee, the company has waived the $25 minimum for free shipping and promises items will arrive before Christmas.

Target is offering two-day free shipping with no minimums until December 22nd.

Walmart is offering the same on millions of items. As for the rest - shipping is free on orders $35 bucks or more.

FOX43 Finds Out ordered the Fingerlings HUG from all three.

The total on Amazon - $26.20.
Free shipping and was set to arrive two days after the order was placed.

At Target, we paid $26.49 - shipping included.
While two-day shipping was free, the website stated it would arrive on Monday, which was 4 days after the order was placed.

Walmart was the most expensive, because the toy did not qualify for free shipping.

Since it was less than $35, we had to pay the $5.99 for delivery.

Just like Target, we selected two day shipping but the estimated delivery date was more than two days away.

And the winner for fastest shipping in our FOX43 Finds Out test?


This toy showed up days early,  3 days earlier than expected.

The box didn't look so great, though the toy inside was just fine.

The toy from Target also arrived early, two days sooner than the original delivery date.

That means the Amazon delivery was the last.

However, this one was the most accurate.

It arrived on the day it said it would when we checked out.

something you should look out for this time of year, so-called "fake" deals.

When we bought the Fingerlings HUG on Target's website a week ago,  it said it the sale to make it $24.99 instead of 30 bucks ends "today."

Well, it didn't.

We checked the website again a week later, the price is still $24.99 and still says the sale "ends today."

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