A celebration concert for the new home of Prima Theatre

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LANCASTER, Pa. - After almost a decade of nomadic existence, Lancaster's Prima Theatre finally has a permanent home. They want you to celebrate with them in a rock concert like none other in the production of "Piano Men."

The classics of Elton John, Billy Joel, Ray Charles and more dominate an electric performance showing off the new venue at Wheatland Place in Downtown Lancaster, near Franklin and Marshall College.

"It’s fun to see the grandmother and the 18 year old jumping up and down and doing the rock fists in the air. It’s that kind of young at heart and the young enjoying this experience," Executive Producer Mitch Nugent said.

Parking is free for the facility as well in a project totaling in the millions, with years of planning in the works.

"After all of the whirlwind and hurricane of trying to create something like this, it was worth it," Nugent said.

Throughout the next season, expect boutique and intimate musicals, concert series and more in the new venue. Prima strives to continue the progress of the city of Lancaster and the county as a whole.

"To see the cultural vitality of Lancaster moving forward is just an exciting time," Nugent said.

You can find more information about the performance, the venue and the upcoming season on Prima Theatre's website.


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