York-based band goes viral after hard-rock rendition of Christmas classic

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The sweet sounds of Christmas, never sounded so mean.

But behind it all, is three York men living their dream.

“In about three days it was apparent something was going on,” said Jonny Ross, drummer in Small Town Titans.

A hard-rock rendition of a classic Christmas song, going viral on Facebook- 25 million views strong.

“We’re still kind of digesting how many people have seen this. All of our numbers are going up, not just for the Grinch, but for everything else we’ve done,” said Phil Freeman, lead singer and bassist of Small Town Titans.

It started as a cover of the song for a radio station Christmas party…

“We all just kind of organically said 'Grinch.' I don’t know why. Everyone was just kind of like, "The Grinch has the lyrical tone.'”

Then the Small Town Titans recorded it in studio— and are shocked at what they’ve started.

Just three Lebanon Valley College students jamming in a dorm...

Now almost eight years later, taking the world by storm.

“What our end goal is, world domination. Adventure and world domination…" said Ben Guiles, guitarist for Small Town Titans.

"Continuing to make a living and doing what we love, that’s what I would say,” said Freeman.

The mean sounding song attracting fans for a reason...

“I’m all about 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas.' That, and 'Rudolph' and 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town.' Those are my top three," said Freeman.

"You mean the Jim Carrey version?" asked Ross.

"Yeah, the Jim Carrey version!" said Freeman.

"I like the cartoon even more than the Jim Carrey version, to be honest with you,” said Ross.

And they say this will be part of their set list, any given season.

“People are going to ask us to play this in July. And you know what? We’ll do it,” said Guiles.

For more information: https://smalltowntitans.com/

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