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Driver who hit student turns herself into police in Adams County

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NEW OXFORD, ADAMS COUNTY, Pa. -- Authorities say a woman who hit a student with her car has turned herself into police in Adams County.

They say it happened Thursday at the intersection of North Berlin Avenue and Lincoln Highway East in New Oxford.

Neighbors say there are no crossing guards in that area, and kids are either forced to walk to where there is one or take the chance of being hit by a car.

Bus footage captures the terrifying moment a driver attempts a left hand turn, hitting a high school student in the process.

Neighbors say this isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened on Lincoln Highway East in New Oxford.

“Several kids have been hit, the corner up here where it says school crossing... a kid on a bicycle got hit by a tractor trailer, a kid who tried going down the street down here going to Mexican store, I guess, to get a snack... he got hit by a car," said Cary Murphy, who has lived and worked off Lincoln Highway East for 32 years.

Murphy owns America's Past Antiques.

He feels like more needs to be done to make this area safer.

“What they should do, and if they did a study, they would figure it out, no left turns… right turns only," said Murphy.

Neighbors telling FOX43 it’s nearly impossible to turn left onto Lincoln Highway East from any side road

That is because it is so busy, and some drivers totally ignore the posted 35-mile-per hour speed limit.

“They go through pretty fast down through here," said Troy Sharp, a neighbor.

"They should do a bit more speed enforcement. You know, I mean, be here at 2 o clock in the morning when a tractor trailer is doing 60," added Murphy.

Beyond speed patrols, people living nearby believe more crossing guards need to be added. They feel those extra eyes could help keep their little ones safe.

“It would be nice to have one, especially when kids get out of school!" added Sharp.

As for the driver of this car, police say she didn’t stop until another driver checked on the student. Police say she then took the student to school but never gave her name or contact information.

Police tell me they are determining whether or not they should give the woman a traffic citation. They say they will release her name sometime Monday.

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