Boy gets life-changing new toy

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It’s not easy building a car…

"I cannot take any credit for the wiring…” said Emily Hoffman, pediatric physical therapist at Penn State Health.

It takes a million little parts to get it to go…

“There’s many manuals out there on how to modify the car…” said Hoffman.

And if they aren’t put together perfectly, the car can’t move.

It’s the same challenge Miles Bischoff faces every day.

“He’s not crawling, he’s not able to walk. He has a problem with his lower extremities that he’s not able to use them,” said Hoffman.

Miles was born with spina bifida, a birth defect that affects the development of the spinal cord.

“He’s still not sitting unassisted so really needs a lot of support and stuff. And finding toys and things he can play with is a little difficult because they’re not for kids like him that need help,” said Kait Bischoff, Miles' mom.

Until now- a toy, that just so happens to offer Miles the help he needs.

"It’s a tool. A way for him to explore a little better, without us necessarily,” said Kait.

A tool hand built by physical therapists at Penn State Health to meet Miles’ needs.

Special straps, a cushioned seat, and a stop-go button instead of pedals.

“That’s what makes the car go is his hands. His hands do all the functioning,” said Hoffman.

To not only give Miles mobility, but also the sense of independence every three year-old craves.

“Just knowing that he can kind of affect the world and go to things. He doesn’t have to ask us to reach for toys or anything he wants. He can kind of cruise up to it,” said Jared Bischoff, Miles' dad.

Miles’ car is one of the first of many Penn State Health hopes to create for kids with disabilities under the 'Go Baby Go' program.

The cars are funded through donations.

If you would like to to donate, visit

You then click "Give Today," then select "A specific area," then click "orthopaedics and rehabilitation" and type GoBabyGo in the comments section.

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