Family shares thousands of ‘Acts of Kindness’ cards in honor of little girl who passed away

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MOUNT JOY BOROUGH, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. --  A family from Lancaster County is spreading goodwill throughout the area in time for the holidays.

Their acts of kindness honor their little girl who passed away Christmas Eve four years ago.

Giving a candy cane is one way people spread cheer throughout the holidays.

In this case, though, it is not about the candy but what's attached to it... a simple card that brings their operation altogether.

Call the Dusablon family Santa's helpers. The family 'candy cane bombed', as the kiddies call it, and spread goodwill at Weis Markets in Mount Joy.

It's not what shoppers, leaving the grocery store expect, but perhaps, it's what they need.

"Merry Christmas!" said Cayden Dusablon.

"How much do I owe you?" asked David Chapin, a stranger who received a card. "Thank you! You're quite a man!"

An 'Acts of Kindness' card in memory of Olivia Grace Dusablon.

"One time, last year, we gave it to someone. They were in the car. They didn't see us, and then, they looked what was on their windshield... They smiled," explained Cayden.

The cards bring those smiles and so many tears - parents who can relate to the pain of suddenly losing a child.

"My son was 16, and 18 years later, we lost another," added Chapin.

Olivia took her last breath Christmas Eve four years ago.

"It was just a sudden fever that sent her to the hospital, and it ultimately, caused her to go brain dead," said Matt Dusablon.

Family still do not know why, choosing instead, to remember the little girl they loved so much.

"She was spunky, loud, like the rest of us!" said Kristin Dusablon, Olivia's mother.

Kristin and Matt built a castle for her grave at Mount Joy Cemetery, and they have dedicated all of December and the first five days of January to doing good deeds in her name,

They always hope others pay it forward, just the same.

People share the good they have done online -- about 1,500 people who have connected on Facebook after receiving an 'Acts of Kindness' card.

It's a group of people sharing how they have thought of others. People have places dollars in library books, placed quarters on toy machines, and left out snacks and waters for delivery drivers.

"It is just there to let people feel better, ya know?" said Kristin. "It makes me feel good. It helps too with the whole healing. I think it's helped me a lot, watching people get so excited over Olivia, because that is who she was."

Olivia's parents created the 'Liv On Foundation' that helps other families who tragically lost a child heal.

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