New Oxford man facing charges after setting vehicle on fire

ADAMS COUNTY, Pa.– A New Oxford man is facing charges after setting his own vehicle on fire.

Cody Zumwalt, 20, is facing arson charges for the incident.

On November 28 around 9:50 p.m., police were dispatched to a vehicle fire in the area of the New Oxford Cemetery on York Road in Oxford Township.

Upon arrival, police actually found that the vehicle was on fire in the middle of a field off Water Street.

The vehicle was fully engulfed, and it appeared that someone was driving the vehicle around in the field before the blaze.

After the flames were extinguished, it was found that the vehicle was a total loss.

On November 29, police obtained a VIN number of the vehicle, and ran it through the database across the United States.

Police identified the vehicle as a 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage ES and was registered to a Janet Faolkner in Aurora, Illinois.

Authorities were able to speak with Faolkner who said she used to own the vehicle, but sold it in 2017 to her sister-in-law, Mary Zierk.

Faolkner told police that Zierk only had the vehicle for a short time before selling it.

Police contact Zierk who confirmed that she had owned the vehicle but spoke to a distant relative in Pennsylvania that said her son needed a car.

It was found that Zumwalt drove to Illinois and towed the vehicle back to New Oxford, Pa.

Police went to Zumwalt’s residence at Paradise Court in New Oxford to speak with him.

When police told him that he would need to come back to the station, Zumwalt responded, “Sure, why not? My life is all f*%$ed up. I did not plan on being here today.”

Police asked Zumwalt if he was planning on leaving the area or something, and Zumwalt said that he was planning to “blow his head off,” according to the criminal complaint.

During a video interview at the police station, Zumwalt confessed to setting his vehicle on fire, and said that he and some friends had pushed the car into the field.

Zumwalt described in detail how he set the vehicle on fire.

When police asked him if he had planed to collect insurance money on the vehicle, Zumwalt said that the vehicle had no tags or insurance on it, and that he did not plan on being here today.

Now, he will face charges.

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